Most people don’t know that car batteries can be recycled.  When it comes to recycling, most think of paper and plastic materials.  However, a car battery is made up of lead plates which hold acid that can leak when the battery is not disposed of properly.  A car battery sitting in a landfill will release toxic fumes for decades into the environment!    

In 1859 Frenchman Gaston Planté invented the first rechargeable battery based on lead-acid chemistry which is a highly recyclable product.  

Approximately 97% of a lead acid battery can be recycled.  Lead acid batteries are made up of lead, acid components and plastic which can be re-processed and made into a wide range of other products.

Why should I recycle my car battery?  


  • Save yourself disposal costs 
  • Protect the environment for future generations 
  • Reduce landfill waste 
  • Conserve natural resources 


How can I recycle my old car battery?  


The Battery Warehouse is dedicated to caring for the environment and believe that scrap batteries should be recycled and disposed of responsibly.  Simply contact us or drop into our local Tauranga store found here to use our FREE recycling service 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I put my old car battery into my bin at home? 

 No, your old car battery holds chemicals that if not disposed of properly can be dangerous to both humans and wildlife.  

What happens to my old car battery? 

Your old battery is shipped to a specialised battery recycling plant in Korea that has the dedicated facilities to recycle your battery responsibly. 

How much will it cost me to recycle my old car battery?

It won’t cost you anything.  Just drop it into your local Battery Warehouse store and we will arrange for it to be recycled.   

Ready to do your part and recycle your old car battery you can find us here.