Do I need a new car battery?   

If you see evidence of the following it’s probably time you looked at replacing your car battery; battery fumes or smells when charging, terminals are starting to get build up, car turns over slower than usual, can’t leave lights or radio on long before you can’t start the car.  Or pop into the Battery Warehouse to get it tested (for free).

How often does a car need a new battery? 

Usually, 4-6 years

How to disconnect a car battery?

First identify the positive and negative terminals.  Disconnect the negative terminal first and then disconnect the positive terminal.  Remove the strap or bracket holding the battery down (a wrench may be required for both this and loosening the nuts on the battery terminals).    Lift your battery out of the tray/car.

Do you need a memory saver when changing a car battery? 

95% of the time it’s ok, but it does pay to do it.

What does CCA mean? 

Cold cranking amps

What do you need to change a car battery? 

Generally, all that is required is a wrench or ring spanner

How long should I run my car engine after I have had my car battery jump started? 

It depends on how flat the battery is, really your best bet here is to get it properly tested.

How long does it take to charge a car battery?

5-10 hours if completely flat

How to get rid of old car batteries? 

We are dedicated to caring for the environment and believe that scrap car batteries should be recycled and disposed of responsibly.  Simply contact us or drop into our local Tauranga store to use our FREE recycling service.

How to open car key to change battery? 

First look for the seam where the halves of the car key fob join together.  Then using a flat head screwdriver or your nail (if they’re strong) gently pry the two halves apart.

How to replace car key battery? 

Once you’ve prised the two halves apart remove the battery cover (if there is one).  Note how the battery is put in (i.e., identify positive and negative terminals so you can pop the new battery in the same way).  Pop the old battery out and place the new battery in.  Push the two halves of the car key fob back together and test.