You jump in your car, turn the key in the ignition, Nada, zilch, zippo, not a thing (sigh).

This is not ideal, and you know it’s going to happen at the most inconvenient time (murphy’s law right), in fact:

It’ll probably be bucketing down with rain, your phone is flat, you have a screaming, hungry toddler in the back and you have to be at school pick up in 15 minutes…. but you’re going nowhere soon with a flat battery, cue tears.


You have tickets to the rugby finals, they’re in Wellington (you’re a long way from home), you swing into a 5 minute only park to pick up a few beers for you and the lads, then have 15 minutes to get to the arena…but you’re going nowhere soon, cue all sorts of bad language.

We want to get you to school pick up/game (insert important event here), so follows a list to prevent this happening to you.

Five ways to prevent a car breakdown due to a dead car battery
  1. Turn everything off when you get out of your car (I’m mostly talking car lights, I’m totally guilty of this so no judgement here).
  2. When you get your car serviced, have the mechanic check battery terminals are free of corrosion and that connections are secure.
  3. Keep your battery charged. I’m talking regular use here, cars left unused for long periods of time run the risk of the battery going flat.
  4. Keep your battery clean and dry.
  5. Check the age of your battery. A car battery generally lasts three to 5 years (sometimes shorter and sometimes longer though).  Unsure how to check the age of your battery? Then drop into the Battery Warehouse and the guys will perform a free battery test to establish if it needs replacing.

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Happy Road Tripping.