How to use the Hulk Jump Starter to jump start your car

Honestly this may just be the single best purchase you make this year.  Flat car battery problems will be a thing of the past, as you’ll be able to jump start yourself out of trouble, or jump start your mate, or perhaps help out a stranger struck down with a flat battery roadside.  They are super easy to use, if you know the difference between a plus and a minus sign and how to press a button, you can absolutely do this!   It really is that simple.

5 simple steps to jump start your car battery using the Hulk Jump Starter

Step one.  Ensure the jump starter has more than 30% capacity.

Step two.  Plug the jumper cables into the jump starter output port (next to the LED light)

Step three.  Connect the red clamp to the positive ‘+’ terminal of the battery and the black clamp to the negative ‘-‘ terminal of the battery.

Step four. Start car engine.  When the vehicle is started remove the clamps from the car battery.  Leave the car engine running.

Step five. Congratulations you did it!

Ready to be a jump starter hero?  You can buy your very own Hulk Jump Starter here