How to jump start your car using another car

If you find yourself caught with a flat car battery and you don’t have your own jump starter power pack, then the remaining possibility is to jumpstart your car using another car. 

Step by step guide to jump starting your car using another car 

Step One: 

Assemble your tools 

  • Jumper leads 
  • Functioning car 


Step Two: 

  1. Ensure the vehicles’ are parked suitable distance from each other so that the Jumper leads can reach the car batteries in each car (but without the cars touching) 
  2. Ensure both car engines are switched off 
  3. Before you begin it’s important to not let the clamps of the jumper cables touch each other (otherwise sparks may fly) 
  4. Attach the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the dead car battery  
  5. Attach the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the working car battery 
  6. Attach the negative clamp to the negative terminal of the working battery 
  7. Attach the other negative clamp to any unpainted part of your car (a clean nut or bolt would be perfect 
  8. Start the car with the working car battery. Let it run for a couple of minutes Now try starting the car with the dead car battery, if successful your car should turn over easily 
  9. Remove jumper leads (clamps) in reverse order once done. 

If the above did not start your car, it could be your jumper leads aren’t up to spec or your battery is so bad its drawing all the power from the donor car.  You can find a replacement car battery online here using our ‘Find my battery’ tool (it’s easy!) or contact one of the guys at the Battery Warehouse here  who will be able to help you out.