This week we launched a new ‘Jet Boat Listing’ (Jet boat for sale) page for the jet boat community/enthusiast where you can sell your Jet boat or Jet boat parts FOR FREE.

It’s designed as a place to bring the jet boat community together where you can buy and sell (for free!) from fellow jet boaters.

The aim is to make it easy to source your jet boat , jet boat parts (or swish newly built hull for that matter) and save you time and hassle trying to track down that elusive part.

We’ve endeavoured to cover off all the categories we think would be used, but as with anything new we’ve probably missed something off.  Notice a category missing, let us know,  we’d love to improve on things.

In order for this to work we need your support so we’d appreciate it if you’d share this with your fellow jet boaters if you think it would be useful/of interest to them.

Check it out  here and please let us know any feedback (or bugs)!  We can’t wait to hear what you think.