Your car battery is an essential part that keeps your car running. With a bit of simple maintenance, you can get the most out of your car battery and potentially save yourself money by extending the life of your battery. 

We’re here to help so read on and we’ll share a few simple maintenance tips to keep your car battery in top condition. 


How to Maintain your Car Battery

Working on your car needn’t be a complicated thing, often the hardest thing is knowing where to start.  Given your car battery is integral to keeping you on the road, we thought it would be a good place to begin.  Simply follow our tips below. 

  1. Locate your car battery and look for the terminals (connecting points).  Check for dirt and debris which can lead to corrosion.  Clean off with a wire brush, if really bad you can use a mixture of baking soda and water, just be sure to clean it all off thoroughly as baking soda left there can also lead to corrosion.  If you’ve already got signs of corrosion on your car battery you should be able to clean this off with the wire brush also. 
  2. Check the connecting points.  Are the cables connecting to the terminals loose?  You can test this by pulling on the cable lightly.  If they come off when you do this they are too loose and you can simply take a spanner and tighten the bolts (just don’t overtighten them). 
  3. Don’t leave your car battery unused for too long as this will cause your battery to drain.  If you leave your car battery (your engine also for that matter) just sitting for extended periods it will deteriorate at a much greater rate. So take it for a good drive every few weeks or put a battery charger on it over night. 

That’s it.  Just by performing these three simple car battery maintenance tips you should get the most out of your car battery. 

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