All batteries have a limited lifetime, there’s a general expectancy as to how they long they will last, but this can be heavily influenced by other factors such as the conditions it operates in (i.e. extreme heat or extreme cold) and the application of the battery.  Car batteries can fail, purely because they have reached the end of their useful lifetime, or they can fail due to a manufacturing fault (this is covered under warranty at the Battery Warehouse) or of course they can fail due to a non-manufacturing fault.

Car battery manufacturing faults

If there is a manufacturing fault with a car battery, this will typically make itself known within the first 3 months.

Generally if there is a manufacturing fault, it will arise from one of two reasons:

  1. An internal break. This could have come about when the car battery was being transported, and damage has come about as a result.  At the Battery Warehouse, we have a robust checking process, so the instance of this would be extremely rare.
  2. Dead cells/Short circuits. This is where one cells shows a significantly lower Specific Gravity (SG) reading than the other cells.  All battery Warehouse car batteries are backed by a robust warranty.

Car battery non-manufacturing faults

These come about based on how the car battery is used and are heavily influenced by things such as how old the car battery is, the application of the car battery, the operation of the car battery. 

  1. Corrosion of the car battery. Over time it’s natural for metal to corrode, car batteries have a sort of grid metal that over time will tend to corrode and lead to active metal being lost from the plate.  Things such as high temperatures will accelerate this process.  Eventually this plate can degrade to a point where the car battery will no longer be able to start your car.
  2. Discharge of the car battery. Things like leaving the car lights, radio or other accessories on for extended periods will lead to the eventual discharge of the battery.
  3. Under charging your car battery. If you only ever go on short journeys your car battery won’t have the chance to fully charge.  Another cause of your battery undercharging can be as the result of a faulty alternator.
  4. Over charging your car battery. This can also be the result of a faulty alternator, it could be that the  alternator is incorrectly set or the alternator voltage control fails.
  5. Physical damage to your car battery. This can take many shapes and forms depending on how your treat your battery.  Having the right size battery tray so your car battery is nice and snug and secure is a good way to head off trouble.
  6. Not having the right car battery for the application. You can never put a less powerful battery in your car than the manufacturers manual states, if you do, amongst other problems, it can lead to your car battery prematurely failing.

If you are unsure about the condition or level of charge of your car battery, drop into your local Tauranga Battery Warehouse Store.  They can check and test your battery and provide you with professional advice and service.