Are Yuasa batteries any good?

Yuasa is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers.  The Yuasa Batteries range has been developed using some of the most advanced technical resources and manufacturing processes in the world.

They offer some outstanding features designed to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver reliability and superior performance such as:

-Wrought lead calcium grids which provide exceptional corrosion resistance

-Cold forged terminals that improve battery strength

-Diamond mesh for increased conductivity for higher performance.

On top of that Yuasa batteries are backed by a fully comprehensive warranty giving you peace of mind in your purchasing decision.

Are Yuasa batteries sealed?

Yes Yuasa offer sealed maintenance free batteries.  Yuasa batteries have a heat sealed double lid which prevents contamination, improves strength and reduces water loss.

How long do Yuasa batteries last?

Generally sealed AGM Yuasa batteries last 3 to 5 years (sometimes more sometimes less).  More often than not they will give warning before completely dying on you.  Indicators of this are; starting slower and requiring more charging.  It’s very rare for them to fail suddenly.

What are some factors that affect the life of my battery?

-Climate – colder climates tend to be harder on batteries from a starting perspective and hotter climates are known to discharge and dry out batteries quicker.  Mild climates are best for the life of your battery.

-Usage – regular use is best.  Batteries left sitting a lot will generally result in a shorter overall life.

-Water loss – this can come from overcharging, or just simple evaporation over time. This only happens with conventional batteries. This does not happen with sealed AGM batteries.

-Application – Are you running a lot of extra accessories on your vehicle?  If yes this provides additional drain on your battery resulting in it wearing out faster.

Do Yuasa batteries come charged?

Yes unless they are the YB series of motorcycle batteries.

Where can I buy Yuasa batteries?

You can buy Yuasa batteries instore at the Battery Warehouse located here.  Or online here.